Library of Study

books stacked on a tree stump.

A full report of The Library of Study can be found here.

The Library of Study is a mutual aid borrowing library and site of communal gathering, currently based in New York City. Formed in the midst of the pandemic by graduate students, artists, and writers, the Library celebrates radical imaginaries, abolitionist visions, black study, and community-based learning. The Library of Study runs lending library outside in parks and public spaces and hosts study groups, poetry readings, and performances. The collection is made up of poetry, fiction, theory, history, zines, and art book publications—all chosen to fit within the spirit of communal and collective study and focusing on works by Black, Indigenous, and POC writers. The Library of Study is a place for meeting others, sharing resources and ideas, and celebrating community life. In the coming months, the Library will work with other mutual aid and abolitionist libraries to distribute printed materials to people throughout New York City.  

Researcher: Laura Nelson

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